Android and iOS are the most popular mobile operating systems of our times. They are very similar but also very different. It is easy to become confused when faced with the decision of making a choice between the two especially if you are a first time user. Below is an easy guide to android and IOS guaranteed to give you the ABCs on these two competing giants


For starters, you may want to know which OS preceded the other. IOS came before the android OS which is something IOS users can brag about. IOS was released on July 29th 2007 while Android September 23rd 2008. There is some beauty in that. Often when the two operating systems are pitted against each other, you will hear the phrase that Android is based on IOS. However If that was the main qualification of a great phone, Android would not be boasting about having more users than IOS. There must be more to android therefore than a supposed clone of IOS.


Android devices are far more customizable than iPhone. This is one of the biggest perks of the Android OS which allows you to change anything in the device. If you don’t like the launcher the phone came with, you can always get another one. IOS doesn’t give you such options, you are stuck with the developers’ vision of the user interface. However, because of this Apple invests a lot of time and money in the development of interface that will make their users most comfortable. A lot of people find the Android user interface messy while the IOS platform clean.


This is an argument that is constantly revolving around the two platform users. It is difficult to decide which one will be more intuitive for you on a limb. The iPhone is often labeled as more intuitive and user-friendly than the Android. This is attributed to the fact that Apple invests a lot of time in developing its user interface. However, many Android users using an iPhone for the first time will often complain about being stuck inside the phone because of the lack of a back button. There are a lot of components that determine a platform’s intuitiveness but generally, it all comes down to user bias. It is accepted and expected that user who normally uses an IOS device will be more comfortable with an IOS mobile phone than one who doesn’t.


IOS is considered more secure than the Android OS. This is because unlike Android OS which you can download apps from many sources, in IOS users can only download apps from the IOS App Store. This makes it harder for a user with an iPhone to install a malware into their device. In fact, it has not yet been heard of. Also, in contrary to the iPhone whose hardware and software is created by Apple, Google’s Android devices' hardware is developed by the different manufacturer, for instance, LG and Samsung. These manufacturers take a time to release security updates to their users. This also affects the security of their users' phones.


When it comes to battery life, Android devices may be equipped with larger batteries than IOS but their battery life is shorter than that of iPhones. It is said this is due to the highly optimized hardware and software processes in the IOS.


As for application support, IOS applications such as such as Facetime are only available in IOS platforms. However Google applications such as Google Maps are also available in the IOS platform.