If you are somebody who loves to tinker with your phone, rooting your phone may just be the thing for you. Rooting your phone will allow you to have a greater control over your phone than ever before. You will be able to access the privileged settings of your phone and enable the features your manufacturer didn’t and finally be able to say you own your phone.


Running more apps

Finally you will be able to install those apps that your manufacturer doesn't approve of and improve the quality of others. Rooting will also allow you to install the apps that your hardware is capable of handling but your software considers incompatible such as those apps that require superuser permissions to run seamlessly.

Removing pre-installed and unused apps.

When you root your phone, you will be able to uninstall those useless applications taking up space on your phone that your manufacturer preinstalled.

Installing a new OS

You will no longer lag back. With a rooted device, you are able to install the latest version of Android OS on your phone without having to wait for your manufacturer to release an update.

Installing a custom ROM

This is one of the biggest advantages of having a rooted phone. When you install a custom ROM to your phone you will have unlocked a new level of the personalization of your phone. With a custom ROM, you will get the latest OS way before your manufacturer releases it and/or be able to install better apps to your phone.

Increase in phone performance

If your phone has been experiencing problems with battery power retention and or your phone has been lagging, maybe you should consider rooting your phone. When you root your phone, you are capable of improving the hardware and software integration of the phone.

Moving apps to the SD card

It is finally possible to overcome the limitation in android phones that prevent you from moving all your applications to the SD card. When you root your phone, you will finally be able to save space and free up your internal memory.


You will lose your warranty

This is one of the drawbacks to rooting your phone that is largely ignored by developers because rooting your phone can’t be reversed. However, it is still advisable to root your phone after your warranty has expired so that you don’t prematurely lose it.

Your phone may become bricked.

When you root your phone, you run the risk of destroying it. That’s why it is advisable to be very cautious while rooting your device, a missed step could result in an unusable phone. While there are ways to recover bricked phones, they are all stressful and it’s best to just avoid bricking your phone from the start.

Security concerns

Another disadvantage to rooting your phone is the increased vulnerability to viruses and malware especially because the custom programs used in rooting a phone aren’t usually bug-free. These bugs can be exploited by a hacker to access your phone and with its superuser rights, there is no telling what he/she can do. Another problem that can be encountered with regards to security is that an application with administrative rights has the ability to access any functionality and information on the phone. The protection that comes with an out of box phone is lost

Having got the facts when it comes to rooting your phone, the choice is now yours. There are plenty of benefits to rooting your phone but there are also some serious drawbacks you should be wary of.