About Us

Fumel Phones was started in the summer of 2015. Its founders were inspired to start this company by the difficulty of finding contract phones for users with bad credit. This motivation morphed to become the mission of the company.

We at Fumel Phones believe that mobile phones shouldn’t be just for a select few. Nobody should be excluded from mobile connectivity. That is why our mission is to help people find phone contracts. We believe that bad credit shouldn’t deter you from getting the mobile phone you want. Furthermore, we have been able to prove this over and over with the thousands of people we have assisted since our launch.

It may seem difficult but we at Fumel Phones are yet to meet a client who we cannot help. You can trust us. We will outdo your expectations with our fast timely service that will recommend to you a variety of suitable phone contracts in less than two hours. What more could you want!

If you have a bad credit score, we at Fumel Phones have your best interests at heart. You can quit worrying now as with Fumel Phones, you can own any phone you want with no restrictions. We are ready to assist you. As we are passionate about our customer, we would want them to retain their smile.